Tumelo Moreri


Tumelo MORERI is a Social Entrepreneur and a Self-Leadership and Reconciliation Teacher. Her work on Self-Leadership fuses practical principles of developing inner leadership of self with Universal Spiritual Truths and African Indigenous Knowledge.

She is a 2018 Fellow of the Zanele Mbeki Fellowship, whose mandate is to cultivate and support a new generation of African feminist leaders. In 2017, she was named and selected as a Global Shaper of the Global Shapers Community, which is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. And, in 2014, she was awarded the Mandela Rhodes Leadership Scholarship by the Mandela Rhodes Foundation for postgraduate studies in Mathematical Statistics.

Tumelo has founded Tumelo Moreri Inc. (est. 2019) where she curates spaces, experiences, and programs for the Self- Leadership development of professionals and entrepreneurs in various work spaces and communities. She also hosts Conversations on Self-Leadership in schools, for work-teams, in corporate institutions, and local communities and organizations. She is the founder of Afrika Ithute (est. 2016), which is a space for the healing and reconciliation of the African – for the African to remember who she truly is, and begin to reclaim her true power. Through Afrika Ithute, she curates and facilitates grassroots leadership development programs whose aim is to facilitate this process of healing and reconciliation for African youth, and to build leadership capacity within African communities.

Tumelo holds degrees in Actuarial Science (Cum Laude, 2012) and Mathematical Statistics (2013) from the University of the Free State in South Africa.

In applying for this Fellowship, my intention was to fully explore Feminism and locate myself in it. And, I have got this, and more. While in the Fellowship, I finally surrendered to my true feminine power – my intuition – and I have developed hearing beyond my body and bones. I feel at one and at home with myself, and I’m grateful for the Fellowship, for having kick-started this process (of hearing beyond bones) for me.