Sheistah Bundhoo


From the time I left college, I knew what I wanted to be. I had my goal clearly set in front of me. After pursuing a degree in Sociology & Gender Studies, I joined Gender Links, an NGO working towards gender equality in Mauritius. The thrill I get to advocate for women’s rights cannot be expressed in words. I want to see women – the future of tomorrow in the decision-making sector, in the news, in the private sector but most importantly leaving and leading a life of dignity. When our project to open the first-ever halfway home in Mauritius was announced, I cannot disagree that I was scared. Scared of the fact that I might not be able to make it up to the level. Being the Shelter Manager for a halfway home providing a safe space to homeless young adults contributed a lot in my own empowerment. I believe in learning at each stage of life – each moment and every day. I am a believer, a dreamer.

I am passionate about writing and absolutely love my mother tongue being ‘Kreol Morisien’. My fav hobbies include reading, writing short poems, cooking, and snorkelling

The journey has been very enriching and I am sure that this learning process will help me both professionally & personally. I intend to use the knowledge gained in my country work targeting women and young girls who are homeless and victims of violence.