Nthabiseng Montsho-Mngoma


A transformation champion and change agent at heart and in deeds. Nthabi Montsho, 36 Years of age, is the founder and Director of Soul Inspiration Global and Soul Inspiration Foundation. She is passionate about Social, Life Skills and Entrepreneurial Development to help women and children who are victims and survivors of gender-based violence.

Her Audio Book Broken Woman Arise with Power has been narrated to shift the mind-sets of women which will enable them to take back their power through self-development. She hosts various Seminars to help women in this regard.

Her other AudioBook and Life Skills Diary designed for the Learners aged 9-19 speaks to social challenges faced by the youth in and out of school premises. Topics covered are bullying, the ‘Blesser’ phenomenon, teenage pregnancy, addictions; youth in entrepreneurship including financial literacy are some of the topics covered. It is designed such that the learner can learn about each topic and therefore apply solutions in their personal lives. Soul Inspiration Global has the solutions to the Department of Education and Social Development challenges for leadership, teachers in schools, and the community at large.

She continues to travel offering mentoring, coaching, life and social skills training to various communities in and around South Africa.

She runs Soul Inspiration Global and Foundation full time and had experience in senior corporate rankings in the financial industry, telecoms industry, and the education division in Times Media. She participated in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 63 in New York USA as part of the South African Delegation.

She continues to serve and inspire the Souls through the Power of Talk.

Now that I understand the notion of feminism being equality, fairness, non-judgemental, and wholeness. Then if that is the case, I can boldly declare that Jesus Christ is a Feminist!