Musa Gwebani


Musa Gwebani has been a social activist. She cut her activism teeth while she was a student and has continued her activism well into her professional life. She is committed to the realisation of a non-racial, non-sexist society that works for all people.

Her academic background is in journalism, business and law. She has worked extensively as a writer in corporate communications and in film where she specialised in strategic communications. She now works for the Social Justice Coalition as the Co-Head of Programmes. She oversees the local government and safety programmes which are aimed at improved services and effective policing in informal settlements in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Her work involves assessing the needs of communities as they relate to water, sanitation, land, and safety in their communities. This includes working with communities for ways in which they can advocate for their rights to these services to be protected and promoted. This advocacy can take the form of research, protest, and litigation.

She is passionate about the advancement of people’s power and seeing communities begin to hold their government accountable in the platforms provided as well as making those platforms more accessible. Musa is also passionate about the education of girl children in Africa and bringing awareness to and assisting the victims of gender-based violence. She also is very interested in women and their rights to land and ways in which these rights can be strengthened.

She hopes to stop procrastinating on Twitter and write a book soon, maybe soonish.

I am not alone in my feminism. I am a part of millions of women who have struggled against patriarchy and have insisted that they are people too.