Lebohang Masango


Lebohang Masango has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. She is the author of children’s book, Mpumi’s Magic Beads (David Philip Publishers, 2018), which is available in 9 of South Africa’s official languages, and The Great Cake Contest (Book Dash, 2018).

She is also a UNICEF South Africa advocate for volunteerism. She has also been identified by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a #Goalkeeper, one of the young people working to realise the United nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She is a poet and a writer working in service of her feminist politics. As an Anthropologist, she has lectured first years at North West University and she recently co-managed the Well Sexuality pilot study; a group of scholars and artists investigating notions of sexuality among the youth of Johannesburg. She regularly hosts storytelling sessions for children in schools, bookshops and community libraries. She currently hosts the Word N Sound Poetry League, a monthly open mic challenge aimed at developing young poets in Johannesburg. Lebohang has been published in Mike Alfred’s Twelve + One (Botsotso, 2014) a poetry anthology of Johannesburg poets, and To Breathe Into Another Voice (Real African Publishers, 2017), a Jazz poetry anthology edited by Myesha Jenkins. She has read her poetry in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the UK. Lebohang used to write regularly for Rookie, the discontinued American website for teen girls, and has been commissioned by various publications to write about issues regarding literacy and feminism. A range of media platforms including news publications, magazines, television shows, and radio programmes have covered her literary and academic work.

Feminism is about love and justice. Our struggle for freedom is intricately bound up with the freedom of all the marginalised, oppressed, and even most deviant women and femmes in